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Wishing you a wonderful holiday season

Be kind to yourselves and others

What is being called a ‘bomb cyclone’ is bringing severe winter conditions across much of the country right now. For those of you in the worst of the storm’s path, please be careful; stay safe.

We’ve been warned for days that holiday travel would likely be snarled. For those of you facing delays or cancellations, please stay calm and practice patience.

Economic experts have been sounding the alarm for months that we are heading into a recession and to brace for an even bumpier financial road ahead.

Yikes! One might be led to believe we are moving into some sort of holiday armageddon, like the wide variety of sci-fi doomsday movies which, ironically, have been filling my streaming service feeds the past few days. (Anyone else noticing this trend?)

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Joy of the Season or Scrooge?

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Throughout my more than 20-year career as a broadcast news anchor, celebrating during the holiday season was simply not part of my personal equation. I usually worked Christmas and New Year’s covering shifts, so that colleagues with families (especially young children) would have the time off.

The trade-off made perfect sense to me. I would simply plan a small holiday gathering days after the calendar celebration. I would then take those earned vacation days at a later time, using them for a trip planned during off-season. It was a win-win for me.

For some reason, this approach led some around me to decide I was somehow a scrooge who did not wish to celebrate the holidays. That wasn’t the case at all. I was simply being practical, making the commercial portion of the holiday fit my life, rather than the other way around.

If the entire reason for the season is to honor friends, family, strangers, and extend wishes for peace and prosperity all around, does it matter what day any of us choose to do so?

Bottom line: give yourself permission to mark the holiday season how you see fit. Above all, be kind to yourselves.

Holiday Season 2022

This holiday season I have no choice but to spend time reflecting and recharging. Like so many others this time of year, a nasty cold bug finally got me, forcing me to slow down, rest, sit still and - just - stop.

Holiday Season 2022

I’ll be taking a few days off to follow my own guidance of ‘self-care.’ But I leave you with these thoughts as you enter the holiday weekend:

  • Remember and honor those in your circle who have lost loved ones. They may need an additional dose of support, especially this time of year.

  • Reflect on what truly matters to you in your life - not what outside forces try to convince you is important, but only what matters to you.

  • Recharge - this is especially important for all of our family caregivers. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, you can’t continue to take care of others.

  • Time spent with loved ones may be more valuable than any gift you could possibly purchase. Tomorrow is not promised, nor is another holiday season together.

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  • Take pictures, take video and capture the moments. Yes, I know we all live via social media these days, but don’t underestimate the power of a printed photo, or video recordings saved beyond FB or IG. (I still love looking through old photo albums. Anyone else?)

Now, Excuse me while I find some more cold medicine and return to the warmth and comfort of my couch.

To you and yours - Happy Holidays!

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Until next time~

Keeping It REAL Caregiving
Keeping It REAL Caregiving
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