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Because at Keeping It REAL Caregiving (KIRC): We listen. We share. We offer guidance. We remind every caregiver - you are not alone.

Because KIRC helps you navigate the often rough waters of family caregiving.

Because Substack selected KIRC as a 2022 Featured Publication - such an honor!

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Who created Keeping It REAL Caregiving?

Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist, turned family caregiver, turned educator and advocate, Julia Yarbough created Keeping it REAL Caregiving to deliver information, guidance, support and resources - because you don’t know what you don’t know!

KIRC dives into some of the tough issues, we reach out to subject-matter experts, share REAL stories of family caregivers and we talk with aging individuals to get REAL about what you need to know!

Family caregiving can be one of the most rewarding jobs one will ever have but, let’s keep it REAL! It can also “kick your butt!”

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KIRC aims to offer guidance, support, practical information and the opportunity to become more involved in advocacy efforts for our elders and ourselves as WE move towards our golden years. And along the way, KIRC will sprinkle in some humor and inspiration as we Keep it REAL!

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REAL talk & guidance on family caregiving: They cared for us now it is our turn


Julia Yarbough

Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist American Society on Aging 2022 ASA Rise Fellow Regional Advocate; California Coalition on Family Caregiving Equity in Aging Advisory Committee; Ca. Dept. of Aging Journalists in Aging Fellow; GSA, 2020